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Sep. 29th, 2012 09:44 am
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 Okay, I know Christmas isn't for another to months but... it will give me the time to come up with a project I've always wanted to do. It's on that involves my favorite yaoi pairing, Axel x Roxas bka AkuRoku. :3 I have information about it so I'll post it soon. I tried it before but i didn't have much success with it. So I figured I'd start it really early to have the time get it planned out and whatever. ^^

Okay, just skip the header and scroll down:

Yes, it's from my old journal. It's a project I started but at the time, it wasn't very successful. Though, now that I have some help, I can make it possible. :3 You don't have to know anything about the pairing but ideas on how to do this would be really helpful. It will start by the days of Christmas and will have 12 or 24 days, depending on what I can come up with between now and Christmas.
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 I got bored and wanted to write this. I won't start the story until after Halloween, at least. So it does give me time to plan what it will be about and whatever. I really do need some good ideas from people that know about Kingdom Hearts and the organization 13. Oh how I wish my friends Roku and Erica were still around. =.=

Also, I can't put it under a cut since I wrote it on my iPad. It might come out sort of weird and for that I do apologize. >< I hope you will still enjoy it, even if it's not Christmas yet. :D Thing is, I actually wrote this teaser really well and I'm pleased with it.

"Axel, what is Christmas?" The blond-haired by asked his best friend that morning.
"You don't know what Christmas is?" Axel raised his eyebrow as the innocent boy shook his head. "Well... um... some people say it's a time of giving, you know like, to people in need who don't have much of anything." he tried to explain.
"People in need?" the boy continued to blink in confusion.
"Yeah, like orphans or people that are homeless or well... don't have much money. I can't explain it to you because there are things that you'd have to be shown in order to enjoy it." he told the boy as he looked down and climbed out of bed.
The boy looked out the window to see white dots floating down from the sky. He rushed to the window, noticing that this white stuff had covered the ground in icy white blankets. It was everywhere!
"It's snowing!" the boy cried with excitement.
"Oh, Roxas... you're such a child at heart." Axel chuckled as he watched Roxas's face light up in delight.
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 I want to fit in the sounds that an autistic person makes. Some of them tend to make odd noises. I make them at home in my room when I get excited. I want to be able to explain them in a way that the makes the reader able to understand. The problem is that most of these noises are really complicated and harder to understand. 

I don't know, I may not. I mean, right now i need to figure out the plot for the fanfiction project I told you guys about. I haven't really had much progress since I met a new friend and plus, other things.So yeah... so many constant distractions. Honestly, I hate having ADHD and autism at the same time. I've gotten so used to taking my concerta that i don't want to do anything with it. I guess I could get a higher dose but... my insurance sucks... they mess things up and... ugh.

I think half the problem is that I get distracted by routine and emotional reasons. It's not that I'm distracted for the sake of ADHD. That's the trouble with having both. =.= But yeah... it's time I worked on my project.
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 These are questions for my AkuRoku Christmas project that I need people to answer. They won't all be about Christmas. You are welcome to include your own holiday you celebrate. It will actually help me understand how to get into my fanfiction. If you celebrate Christmas, then you can answer the questions that way. I know every answer will be different, depending on the holidays and your experiences.

1.) How would you explain your holiday (Christmas, hanakkuh, etc...) to a child who has never heard of it or experienced it before?

2.) How would you show that child the joys and happiness of the holiday you celebrate? (for this one, Demyx is going to be jewish in this case since he strikes me as that. I got this idea where maybe Roxas gets to experience his holiday and whatever with the menorah.)

3.) What kind of things are really important for the holiday that you celebrate?

4.) How do you celebrate this holiday with your family?


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