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Let us count the days of 

Warning: This fanfiction contains boy x boy fluff. If you don't support gay couples, then this fanfiction isn't for you.

I've never down a yaoi fanfiction before so you guys will have to help me. I mean those who DO like yaoi. If I have any friends who do that is. It's Christmas fanfiction and I want to do it early so i can plan it out.

Roxas learns about christmas as well as other holidays that are celebrated, along with his best friend Axel. He eventually falls in love with Axel while trying to find the perfect gift for him. However, family and friends pull them away from each other and the two must find a way to return to one another before Christmas is over. 


Keith Urban - Only you could love me this way
Elvis Presley - Blue Christmas
Andy Williams - It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Hilary Duff - Santa Claus is Coming to Town
My Chemical Romance - All I want for Christmas is you 
Fall out boy - What's this? (It fits because he doesn't know about Christmas)
Simple Plan - My Christmas List (This song is cute. XD It fits Roxas)  

The thing about this fanfiction is its not going to be like "Chapter 1" then "Chapter 2" etc. It's going to be like 358/2 days, except its not following the actual games they are in. Think of it as some alternate universe if you wish. :D I wanted to make an intro on it because It's going to be a christmas special and you might see a bunch of entries with the fanfictions.

I do hope you will post, for those that like yaoi and/or AkuRoku as well. As for those that don't enjoy it  I'll stick it under a spoiler and put the warning label so you don't ACCIDENTALLY click the link. I'm also going to set it to "adult concepts" so maybe that will help too.

Also, don't worry about not being able to read it, if you don't celebrate Christmas. I plan on including other cultures too since I think it's a good idea for Roxas to learn about what other people celebrate, other than Christmas. 

For now, this is just an introduction. This will go up before all of my other entries where it can also be seen.

Roxas's Attire:

Axel's Attire:

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