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This blog is about a girl who lives in her own wonderland. What you see are things she thinks about, adventures she partakes in and whatever else she can come up with. So strap in for a ride and hold on tight because it might be really bumpy and even scary!

I am diagnosed with an Autistic Disorder and ADHD. I tend to get depressed at times due to disability and can sometimes be pretty emo about them. But most of my entries are usually happy or about my writing. I also might have forgotten whose icons belong to who. If I am using your icons, please tell me so and I will be happy to credit. However, please don't be rude about them since I tend to be sensitive and prone to having my feelings hurt.

Katy Perry is my hero not only because she's taught me that it's okay to be myself but that I should keep going with my dreams and just do what I love. That is writing. I should follow my dreams and never give up just because someone thinks low of me or thinks I'm not good enough. I also won't give up on showing people what it's like to have autism or my disabilities. I want to show the world my true nature and that having autism isn't really that bad. For that, Katy is my hero.

Also, my name, AutisticAlice is my pen name for writing. It pretty much defines me as being Alice and living in my own world, since I'm autistic I added that part to Alice and that become my name for when I write.

"If you have a dream, you have to go on a journey to fulfill that dream." - Katy Perry

"Believe in yourself and you can be anything." - katy perry
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