Sep. 27th, 2012

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 Jade didn't start talking until she was five years old. At this early age, she was placed in speech and language therapy to help her communicate better. She also struggled at making friends and exhibited strange behaviors that were often negative as well as abusive to others, including her teachers. She didn't know how to play like other kids and usually did her own thing.

Jade started getting bullied in the second grade because of her odd behaviors and lack of social skills. Everyone know she wasn't like them and that's what started to get her bullied. She always would try to make friends but didn't quite grasp the whole concept of 'how' to make them and it often lead to kids laughing at her.

It wasn't until third grade that Jade had a nervous breakdown due to 'overstimulation and stress'. These breakdowns had worsened each time and so her parents took her to see a psychiatrist at the children's hospital. After countless tests and 'studying' her behaviors, they discovered that she had a mild to moderate form of autism.

Jade still struggled in school and dealt with ignorant teachers who treated her like shit, as well as students who excluded her from their activities during recess and gym class. All of this time, she bottled up these emotions because she couldn't express them the same way and never really seemed to cry much, as much as she actually wanted to.

Okay, this is just a start. I haven't actually put much thought into her history. Some of it is from my experiences growing up. Though, she was diagnosed with autism early than i was.

If anyone has any ideas to help me with this... it would be great. I've never written a back history for my character before. D:


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