Sep. 30th, 2012

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 These are ideas for my christmas story. Again, I know it's early but it's better to plan now. I'm making my deadline by Halloween, if not by thanksgiving. XD

The first idea is:

Roxas tries to find a perfect gift for his best friend Axel. He has no idea what Axel wants without making it obvious he is going to get it. But soon her realizes it's what comes from the heart that counts the most.

Second Idea:

Roxas wonders why some people say happy holidays and not merry christmas. (This one will start by him wanting to learn more about the other holidays as well. Demyx will celebrate the jewish holiday since he strikes me as that type of person.)

Third idea:

Roxas experiences Demyx's holiday which is Hanukkah. He learns about how Demyx's holiday started and about the menorah.

So yeah... those are ideas. I can think of ideas but I'm so clueless about what to do for the plot, aside from the smaller things. I want it to be a good solid plot. D:

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 Three of the goals Roxas has in this story are:
  • Learning about Christmas and what is so special about it.
  • Learning about OTHER holidays that people celebrate instead of Christmas (IE Hanukkah)
  • reaching Axel after being seperated before Christmas ends.
And then the two conflicts:
  • Discovers that not everyone enjoys Christmas and that some people are geniune Scrooges. (IE Larxene and Marluxia)
  • Becomes separated from Axel because of family/friend differences.
Though, i feel like it needs something more. D: I already have everything planned out in my head but... what happens if I lose those general ideas I get after halloween? What more can I do to make this an excellent story? I'm at a loss for ideas and stuff right now so I guess I'm asking for some help. >_<


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